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Why MakeUpMyRoom?

Benefits of installing MakeUpMyRoom

Developed by team of specialist housekeeping experts.  

Guests can digitally request Do Not Disturb or request a room clean.

Industry standard colour coding suited for staff with all levels of experience and backgrounds.

Minimal to no training required for housekeepers.

To-the-minute, real-time task progress tracking

Data Accuracy Protections (no ability for staff to start/stop cleaning once started)

Lower operational costs. Focused team who don’t waste time.

How MakeUpMyRoom is different.

– Housekeeping ONLY!

– Proactive guest interactions.

– Easy to use (100% adoption rate from housekeepers).

– Transparent cloud-based solution – remote access 24/7.

– Real time property management data, on demand, in your hands.

– Low cost installation.

MakeUpMyRoom can integrate with all API-enabled hotel management systems

Let’s talk numbers.

Housekeeping staff spend at least 15 minutes per day going up and down the hotel to receive updates from their housekeeping supervisors.

This wasted time comes at the expense of the hotel.

If a hotel employs 30 housekeepers, 7.5 hours from each day is wasted and staff aren’t being as efficient as they could be.

Wasting 7.5 hours every day can cost a hotel more than $95,000 per year in wasted time.

Fix this problem today by using MakeUpMyRoom and update your team from anywhere in the hotel, off-site or at home.




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