Why MakeUpMyRoom

Upgrading from paper to digital can seem overwhelming. The pros are clear – going digital saves time and lots of money in the future!

Hotels who invest in innovative technologies provide impressive experiences to their guests – and that’s what it’s all about after all!

Let’s talk numbers.

It’s expected that housekeeping staff spend at least 15 minutes per day going up and down the hotel to receive updates from their housekeeping supervisors. This wasted time comes at the expense of the hotel.

If a hotel employs 30 housekeepers, 7.5 hours from each day is wasted going back and forth and staff aren’t being as efficient as they could be. Wasting 7.5 hours every day can cost a hotel more than $95,000 per year in wasted time!

This problem is easily fixed by using MakeUpMyRoom. Housekeeping supervisors can immediately access requests on their tablet from anywhere in the hotel and assign the request to an available housekeeper.

Benefits of using MakeUpMyRoom:

  • It’s paperless. Digital scheduling systems didn’t exist until MakeUpMyRoom, making it a first of its kind.
  • It provides a modern experience for guests.
  • Reduces calls and requests to front desk.
  • Scheduling a housekeeper to a room that has recently been checked-out quickly allows for a quick turn around.
  • It’s fast responding, allowing for optimal decision making and quick prioritising.
  • Last minute requests can be attended to quickly and sent to the most appropriate staff member. I.e – V.I.P suite requests are allocated to a senior housekeeper.

MakeUpMyRoom is flexible. The software can be installed at any size hotel and integrate to your already existing PMS systems. Our team will provide you with options for different colour and size tablets to suit the interior of your rooms too.

Once we determine your internal tech, we install the MakeUpMyRoom onto your chosen tablet, put tablets in each room, train your staff and voilà Рyour staff can operate digitally and work more efficiently!