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There are four types of users who access MakeUpMyRoom.

Housekeeping Managers + Team Leaders
Front Desk Operators

Core Features

We have ensured that all features on the platform and the way teams use it replicate your already existing processes.

We can also customize features to fit the needs of your property if you need something specific.

Guests requests
Directly sent to housekeeping managers for quick allocation.
Teams stay focused on rooms that are ready to be cleaned.
Captures accurate data only
Staff are unable to exploit the cleaning times set on rooms.

4-click process for Housekeepers
Simply interface, clear task lists and easy 4-step process from starting to finishing clean.

Sophisticated reporting, available at anytime.
Detailed operational performance data – showing you where you can save money across any given aspect of housekeeping.

Platform Users

– Manage tasks, allocations and inspections in real-time.
– Mobile view of occupancy, room status’
– Off-site management and full visibility of housekeeping activity.


– Minimal training required.
– Simple 4-click process.
– View task list, start cleaning, stop cleaning, move to the next task on the list.


– Request housekeeping or set their room Do Not Disturb from their smartphone or in-room tablet.


– Can log requests, check timings on availability and communicate needs to housekeeping managers.
– Add priority tasks for VIP guests.
– See all housekeeping activities in real-time making for easy room check-in.


Ease and simplicity

It’s crucial that transitioning to a new platform is easy for your team.

We have designed MakeUpMyRoom so it’s easy to understand and the navigation is smooth.

It can be accessed on any computer, tablet or any standard smartphone.



Step 1

Initial meeting with your team to identify what property management system your property runs on and how many rooms you will require the MakeUpMyRoom system in.

Step 2

We then gather some key data from your team so we can upload it in the system. This includes room numbers, cleaning types and more.

Step 3

We begin setting your property up on the platform, inputting all data, logos and unique requirements.

Step 4

We integrate the system with your property management system, connect to your hotel WiFi and install the QR codes or tablets in each room.

Step 5

We test the system, making sure all bugs are removed and the system flows perfectly.


Step 6

We thoroughly train your staff, in person with a dedicated housekeeping expert, ensuring all staff members are confident and ready to use the system.

MakeUpMyRoom can integrate with all API-enabled hotel management system


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

We provide all clients with a free demo and can provide your team with some tablets so you can try it all out!

How much does it cost?

We charge an installation fee for setting your team up on the system and an affordable monthly subscription per room. MakeUpMyRoom has saved hotels thousands of dollars per year on wasted time and low staff productivity.

What support is included?

MakeUpMyRoom has a 24/7 support team available to help you out with any technical issues.

Where does the tablet in the room live?

You can choose to install the tablet on the wall, leave the tablet next to the bed or guests can scan a QR code on the wall and use their own device. It’s up to you!

What training is needed?

Our expert tech team will host a thorough 2 week training so all managers, front desk staff and housekeepers are confident with using the system. We also provide a User Help Centre with training videos for when you have new staff come on board. These videos act as a great refresher and will take you team through each section of the system.