MakeUpMyRoom is used by…

Housekeeping supervisors will be the primary users of the MakeUpMyRoom system. They are able to view room status in real-time, specific requests of guests in rooms and assign the most appropriate housekeeper based on the demand of that room.

MakeUpMyRoom enables housekeeping supervisors to make quick decisions on the go and also keep a record of the request.

Housekeepers also use the MakeUpMyRoom system. They can submit what they’re currently working to their housekeeping supervisor.

Housekeepers receive tasks from their housekeeping supervisors, the live status of rooms throughout the hotel and what tasks have been allocated to them from any location in the hotel.

Guests access MakeUpMyRoom in their rooms via a tablet. Guests can requests housekeeping services at anytime and see the status of their request. Guests will know when their requests has been acknowledged by hotel staff, when it will be attended to or cancel the request at anytime.

Front desk staff also use MakeUpMyRoom to check newly arriving guests into clean rooms.

Front desk staff can also request a specific type of room to be attended to promptly. If a new guest requests a particular type of room room but the system shows that is currently not available for check in, they simply click MakeUpMyRoom on the requested room and this is sent as a priority to the housekeeping supervisor for managing.