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There are four types of users who access MakeUpMyRoom.

Housekeeping Managers + Team Leaders
Front Desk Operators

All core features included

We have ensured that all the features replicate your already existing processes.

We can also customize features to fit the needs of your property if you need something specific.

Bulk Assignment
Perform a comprehensive allocation of housekeeping tasks for the whole hotel in one go.

Unique User Login
All users will receive their own sign in showing different roles and permissions across the platform.

Priority Requests
Tag certain rooms and mark them as VIP, or High Priority for special guests.

Export reporting at anytime
Measure the productivity of staff, see the status of each room and more.

How installation works

Housekeeping Managers + Team Leaders

These people will be the primary users of the MakeUpMyRoom system. At the start of the day, Managers and Team Leaders will use the system to allocate rooms and cleaning tasks to their staff.

They are able to view status of each room in real-time, specific requests from guests in rooms and assign the most appropriate housekeeper based on the demand of that room.

MakeUpMyRoom enables Housekeeping Managers and Team Leaders to make quick decisions on the go and also keep a record of the request.

When a housekeeper completes a room, Housekeeping Managers and Team Leaders will be notified that they need to inspect that room and once inspected, this room will go back into the system, ready for a new guest.

Front Desk Operators

Front Desk staff also use MakeUpMyRoom to check newly arriving guests into clean rooms.

Front Desk staff can also request a specific type of room to be attended to promptly. If a new guest requests a particular type of room room but the system shows that is currently not available for check in, they simply click MakeUpMyRoom on the requested room and this is sent as a priority to the Housekeeping Manager for allocating.


Housekeepers will use the system all day, every day.

They will start the day by logging into the system on their smartphone or a digital tablet and checking what rooms and tasks have been allocated to them from their Manager or Team Leader. They will be able to view all notes from their manager and also prioritize which tasks are done first by viewing the tags that have been allocated to each room. I.e High Priority or VIP.

Housekeepers will also receive tasks from their Housekeeping Managers and Team Leaders throughout the day, they can refresh the system as often as they want to view the live status of rooms throughout the hotel. Additionally, housekeepers can also let their managers know if a room requires maintenance, is complete and also how long the room took to tend to.

All of this can be accessed on the go at any location.


Guests will access MakeUpMyRoom in their rooms via a tablet.

Guests can requests housekeeping services at anytime and also see the status of their request. Guests will know when their requests has been acknowledged by hotel staff, when it will be attended to or cancel the request at anytime.

Furthermore, guests can digitally set their room to Do Not Disturb, and that way all housekeeping staff will know not to bother that guest.


Ease and simplicity

It’s crucial that transition to the digitally world is easy for your team. We’ve designed the system so it’s easy to understand and the navigation is smooth, similar to that of any standard smartphone.



Step 1

Initial meeting with your team to identify what Hotel Management System your property runs on and how many rooms you will require the MakeUpMyRoom system in.


Step 2

We then gather some key data from your team so we can upload it in the system. This includes room numbers, cleaning types and more

Step 3

We begin setting your property up on the system, inputting all data, logos and unique requirements.

Step 4

We integrate the system with your HMS, connect to your hotel WiFi and install the tablets in each room.

Step 5

We test the system, making sure all bugs are removed and the system flows perfectly.

Step 6

We thoroughly train your staff, in person, ensuring every staff members are confident are ready to use the system.

MakeUpMyRoom can integrate with all API-enabled hotel management system