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High level housekeeping solution BY hotel operators FOR hotel operators.

Combined, our team has decades of experience in hotel management and development with high level tech solutions. We developed MakeUpMyRoom with one key outcome in mind – streamlining organisation.

We believe that by digitizing the current housekeeping scheduling processes, managers can utilize both their time and their staffs time better and ultimately deliver a more impressive service to their guests.

Our team make transitioning into a digital space easy. Providing thorough training to those using the platform and ensuring that each device is working and upgraded with modern features is a part of the whole MakeUpMyRoom service.


Results oriented

We offer daily reporting so you can increase productivity throughout your hotel. Our on-demand reports show you the status of each room, what tasks have been complete, what are yet to be done and also displays what all housekeeping staff are doing at any given moment.

Efficiency reporting is also provided, helping your to optimize your operations and the time that is wasted each day.

MakeUpMyRoom removed the need to run up and down the hotel each day and ultimately allows staff to reduce the amount of areas they go to throughout the day.


What’s our secret? It’s crafted for housekeepers.

We have combined smart tech, hospitality and simple communication to develop a system that can be used anywhere in the world.

We have used industry terminology across all features and the whole system can be customized to suit your hotel housekeeping needs.

MakeUpMyRoom can integrate with all API-enabled hotel management systems


Norman Khan

Hotel Industry Director

Bennet Dalton

Product Design and Software Integration Director

Kate Franich

Communications Director

John Bauer

Financial and Business Director

John Paul Gardiner

IoT + Hardware Expert

Gary Manstead

IoT Product Developer

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