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Manage housekeeping staff, guest cleaning requests and get daily efficiency reporting at the click of a button.

MakeUpMyRoom provides a revolutionary digital solution, helping to prioritise the workload of housekeepers in real-time as guests, bookings and front desk requests change throughout the day.

It’s been designed by hotel operators for hotel operators.

Our software system integrates directly with leading hotel management systems and is very easy to learn.

By going digital, Managers eliminate the need to constantly update hard copy schedules throughout the day, have full visibility of all housekeeping activity in real-time and access tailored daily, weekly and monthly performance reports on demand.


Stay connected, when you’re on the go and increase staff productivity.

  • Integrated to all hotel managements systems to allow for consistency across the property.
  • Inexpensive to install and suitable for both new build and existing hotels and serviced apartments.
  • Enables Managers and Team Leaders to organise their teams systematically and increase staff efficiency!
  • Displays the status of all rooms and requests from guests to staff in seconds.
  • Works as a communication platform between all housekeeping staff from anywhere in the hotel.
  • Accessible on all computers, digital tablets and smartphones.
Hotel Management Software
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Allows guests to digitally request the ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Make Up My Room’ settings on a sleek tablet located in their room. No more dirty door hangers.

We ensure a smooth integration and centralised connectivity of your room configuration and resource data.

MakeUpMyRoom will eliminates the tiresome cumbersome 5 step process from guest to housekeeper via front desk, Manager and Team Leader. All requests can instantly be allocated to the nearest available housekeeper.

General Managers, Housekeeping Managers, and Team Leaders can see exactly where their staff are in multiple properties and understand their workload of allocated rooms at anytime from anywhere.

Hotel System Software


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

We provide all clients with a free demo and can provide your team with some tablets so you can try it all out!

How much does it cost?

We charge an installation fee for setting your team up on the system and an affordable monthly subscription per room. MakeUpMyRoom has saved hotels thousands of dollars per year on wasted time and low staff productivity.

What support is included?

MakeUpMyRoom has a 24/7 support team available to help you out with any technical issues.

Where does the tablet in the room live?

You can choose to install the tablet on the wall, leave the tablet next to the bed or guests can scan a QR code on the wall and use their own device. It’s up to you!

What training is needed?

Our expert tech team will host a thorough 2 week training so all managers, front desk staff and housekeepers are confident with using the system. We also provide a User Help Centre with training videos for when you have new staff come on board. These videos act as a great refresher and will take you team through each section of the system.


“Having worked in hotel operations for close to 25 years now, I know how difficult it can be to manage a busy housekeeping department. Task lists change constantly and communication between staff can be lost very quickly. We have developed a sophisticated digital system that replicates the current working processes of housekeepers and managers, ultimately replacing paper schedules, two-way radios and texting communication.

Every single feature of MakeUpMyRoom has been designed with hoteliers in mind. The language use and colour codes are all industry standard. And it’s easy to navigate. Transitioning to a digital way of working is easy with MakeUpMyRoom and business can be done as per usual.

It’s not only operationally beneficial for Team Leaders, but it is also financially beneficial for owners and operators. This digital system saves thousands of dollars on wasted costs throughout the housekeeping department and is sure to set your team up for the future.”

– Norman Khan, Director

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